Practical EMV Relay Protection

Andreea-Ina Radu, Tom Chothia, Christopher J.P. Newton, Ioana Boureanu and Liqun Chen

This work will be published at the 2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

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Source Code

We make available all artifacts for our research. Below is a brief description of the repositories. Please see each repo’s for more details details.

Tamarin Models – contains the formal models for verifying the L1RP protocol described in the paper, as well as the models for the mobile versions of Visa/Mastercard.

L1RP implementation – source code for Proxmark firmware and client which implements our new proposed protocol, L1RP, via two extra commands (hf 14a noncerdr and hf 14a noncesim).

Timing Data – contains the raw data and processing scripts for the Level 1 and Level 3 timings discussed in the paper.


NFCProxy – the starting-point for our relay-based Android Apps were the CardEmulator app and the TerminalEmulator apps in [1], which are in turn based on code from [2].

NFCProxy_uid – our modified Android Apps, for performing our attack against Visa’s relay-protection protocol.

Proxmark transport firmware – source code for Proxmark firmware and client, which contains an extra command hf 14a tfl acting as a Transport for London barriers reader.

RRP Relay – implements the replay of APDUs to a Mastercard RRP test card.

Servers – folder containing all the python scripts needed to run the different servers for our relay apps.

Traces – proxmark traces obtained from our relays (et = express transit; no CDCVM).

[1] Ioana Boureanu, Tom Chothia, Alexandre Debant, Stephanie Delaune, “Security Analysis and Implementation of Relay-Resistant Contactless Payments”, at the 27th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM CCS), 2020.

[2] Tom Chothia et al. “Relay cost bounding for contactless EMV payments.” International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2015.